In the morning hours of  January the 21th, a small boat carrying, at least, 28 “illegal” immigrants sunk while sailing on the open of the small Aegean island of Farmakonissi. The drowning of 12 people, including 9 small children, is the latest addition to a vast death toll which is taking place, for years now, on the Aegean sea and the Greek-Turkish frontier, only that, this time, there are eye-witness  testimonies from the surviving immigrants about the series of events.

The Greek society, stunned once more from all this, seems to forget how many times only in the recent years has heard of such atrocities, is being informed that the “brave men” of the Greek Coast Guard tried to push back, towards the Turkish sea side of the border, the small boat during a sea tempest, while at the same time trying to prevent people from the small boat to climb on the navy’s ship and throwing others at sea.

Right after that, on the Greek mass propaganda media, there were scenes coming out of G.Orwell’s 1984 with ministers of the government, during a press conference, refuting the eye-witness account of a father who had just lost his child.


Along the fascist blade hunting “illegal” immigrants in downtown Athens, there goes the boot of the Coast Guard man throwing in the sea people who fight for their lives…


The aforementioned parallelism demonstrates clearly the true face of the state and the regime it tries to impose on us. Fascism, today in Greece,  more than an “ideology” of a few thousand voters of the Nazi Golden Dawn party, is the clearest and more true essence of today’s authority. It’s the quintessence behind every state,hidden when stability and financial growth exists, coming in the foreground when s crisis occurs, like the one we are experiencing today.

Especially when the state mechanism is being controlled by a far right government (like the one now),then fascist beliefs and practices stop being just the last resort for those in power to oppress all of us. They, then, integrate within the mechanism of the state and become indispensable for it. The implementation of the above is handled by those, who are considered to be a part of the core of the system and need to be protected and taken well care off, meaning, off course, the state’s security forces as the police, the navy and the army.

Accordingly, the drowning of 12 people in the Aegean is another result of the politics of a totalitarian and oppressive state. More recently a member of the government expressed the opinion that, very soon, there would be more dead immigrants on the Greek borders. His wish came true really fast.

This drowning is another episode of the state’s attack against the whole of society, another aspect of the war that is declared from the ruling classes to the classes of the oppressed and the poor. This is the same attack against the lower classes that kills thousands who supposedly commit suicides “by their own will”, who do not have enough money to get through the winter, who get drowned in the Mediterranean sea trying to find a better future.

This class war, we must say, could create thousands, now Greeks, illegal immigrants who might get drowned at the Labentuza’s of this world.

Lest not forget that those “illegal” immigrants who try to make it to Europe are themselves victims of the same class war being imposed on them at their places of origin. This class war made them flee from there. And at the same time taking part in this war there are slavers’ networks, security agencies of many countries, fascists, capitalist tycoons. All those together, now that the immigrants coming from the east are no longer “cheaper” than the Greek workers, they use Greece as a transit country for the working places of  the more industrialized countries of Europe. Those who are not productive(meaning, off course, not making enough money for their rulers) can become food for the Aegean fish…

We declare our solidarity to those who are being called as immigrants. More so we recognize them as subjects of extreme oppression and exploitation and defend them as people of our own class. So, by our mutual class position we seek to integrate with them in building bonds and communities for our common struggles. According to the same logic we consider as enemies all those who are rich and powerfull, wherever they come from.

As internationalists we are strongly against all borders and specifically against the globalization of the capital which, literally, makes money from the “business” of people’s immigrating. We declare as a conscious choice, socially and for our class, to stay, live and struggle for the change in the place we were born. We would laugh against anyone who would try to turn this argument against allowing people to come live here, when we think about, firstly that a big part of Greek society is subjected (by it’s own will) to it’s rulers and, secondly, the growing number of Greeks who immigrate for financial reasons to the exact same countries that all those “illegal” immigrants want to live too.

We realize that this “conflict” of the state with the Nazis of Golden Dawn is nothing more than a conflict for power within the state. This fascist politics, being exercised right now, their methods and practices built-in within the state, turned against the Golden Dawn party when it’s leaders thought that their state within the state they were building would replace the already existing power. The real fight between them is a fight for power and for the people who will execute it. The power to cold handingly stab antifascists like Pavlos Fyssas or drown people in the sea. For us, the fact that they kill people of our class, makes the differences of the real state and those the fascists are trying to built within it, trivial.

For us ,the only truth is to shout that Fyssas was killed by the state and the immigrants near Farmakonissi were drowned by the Golden Dawn party. Fascism ,whatever forms it takes, has only one face.

Let’s make it for them “unbearable to exist” * .




Anarchists for Social Liberation (AKA)


Athens, Greece, February 2014




* The expression “lets make it for them unbearable to exist” belongs to the Chief General Of The Greek Police.


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